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Animal Nutrition. Animal Science.

Nutritionist and italian greyhound


CnP Nutrition consists of a team of animal nutritionists and scientists that are passionate about nutrition, health and wellness for all companion animals. We work directly with your business and brand to create a range of products you and your clients will love.

As a passionate firm, with a wide variety of scientific experience, industry experience and an innate desire to serve our clients; we bring only the best to the table for you and your brand. 

Our niche field of specialty and focus ensures that there is a great blend of Eastern and Western approaches in all foods, treats and nutraceuticals. We understand functional feeding and utilizing your countries rich resources. Our team is able to formulate and work to both AAFCO and FEDIAF standards.

Our name, CnP, is an abbreviation for Claws n Paws - because we are really and truly focused on the health and wellness of companion animals locally and internationally.

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